Dharmachar to all my Maheshwari brothers and sisters around the globe!

Before I ask you all to hit the topic, would like to tell some of my background as a Personality Developing Trainer. I am the CEO of a firm namely The Innovators which arranges the day in day out workshops/seminars for corporate sectors, schools, colleges, officials and teachers to groom up their personal enhancement skills. The firms employs 6 people all together and running successfully since 2006 by the grace of Matangdev.

In August 2007, I wrote a book namely “100 commandments for personal excellence” which got lots of fame as a good training guide and personality shaping tonic.

I understand that I should give some of the tips/techniques from my book which will guarantee your personality enhancement.

Our persona gets rusty and dusty in our violated and societal polluted culture as the world orbits around. The cultural ethos sometimes ejects the personality clusters and we adapt them so quickly not knowing one day that would shed negative mental attitude.

So, lets enjoy the personality building tonic….

1.The first thing which glooms and shines up your personality is SMILE. Keeping smile on your face keeps the people you interact with warm, happy and friendly.

2.Meet every year at least 100 new people and put them in your friendship clientele, customers, students’ circle. It increases your personal relationship and helps in your personal projection.

3.Try to get the membership of a friendship/business clubs, any educational institution or organization to get yourself socialized with. Pay your visit to such clubs or organizations at least once or twice in a month as to increase your knowledge and PR ship.

4.Never speak negative about your competitors, your rivals or the people you hate, in front of your clients or the persons you don’t know personally or meeting them first time. It generates negative impact on their minds.

5.Meet the people with firm handshake, smile on your face and call them by their names. The person you meet, feels good when you call his/her name. It shows that you remember them.

6.Well said that smile and the world will smile with you, cry and no one cries with you, then why don’t we smile and win the hearts of people around us. Scientifically it is proved that it takes 17 muscles of your face to smile and 43 to frown then  J please.

7.One SMS can make some one smile and can reduce the stress of someone sad. On special occasions, festivals and events of achievement and happiness, send your friends and relatives SMS. They shall keep you in their good books.

8.Give respect and have respect – We believe the phenomena of give and take in every walk of life. The best way to get respect is to give people respect who are senior, wise and are more respectful people.

9.Be polite to them who frown at you; this is the best way to defeat your enemy or rival. Disputes and mouth lashing can harm your esteem and will end up with no difference between you and your foul-mouthed rival.

10.Listen the people with keen interest, because the more good you listen, the best way you can respond them in. This creates an amicable aura among you and results in an enormous relationship between you and the person you communicate with.

Ashok Kumar Seejuwani

To be continued…..

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  • dr nitin vinzodaJuly 6, 2010 at 2:30 pm

    dear sijuvani,very good article and colums of 8 & 9 are acceptable in the life of young persons,col-8 is for filial piety and col -9 is for ex. every evils are coming from mouth,every diseases are enter through mouth,

    from dr nitin

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