21.     Praise the deeds not doers. When someone commits any mistake, don’t scold him/her for his/her work mistake. For instance if someone is doing good for any company and the Boss of the company says “I like you, you are marvelous!”. Its not clarifying what he did. So always good work should be praised and encouraged what Mr. so and so has done such and such things for the betterment of our company. People are rewarded for their works not what they are, and in other case if someone does something wrong, so always reprimand his/her work not him/her.

22.     Prompt “Thank You” is much better than 2 days later 1 page letter. Good work should always be rewarded by a prompt Thank You. There is no good worth to write back some days later a complete detailed page for appreciation.

23.     Give love and take love. When interact to your juniors or seniors, be polite, smile and treat gently with them. We normally don’t treat well infact sometimes misbehave with our transporters, cab drivers, shopkeepers, etc. etc. We buy products but on long term basis we are making relationship with a sincere and profit giver shopkeeper, what if we cheats on us next time when you do shopping with him, as first we misbehaved with him.

24.     Personality should be like cell phone modals, every now and then new change, new look, new addition, new facilities, etc. etc.  We need to garnish our personality day to day, inducting in smile, challenges, goals, communication skills, positive mental attitude, laughter and happiness.

25.     Stop blaming others in the bad times, but doing the SWOT Analysis. Good and Bad times are the part of our lives, and Bad Time is never forever. It certainly ends, if you want to make it end. Always follow the SWOT Analysis rule. Know your Strength, know your Weakness, identify the Opportunities and be aware of the Threats.

Goals are the fuel in the furnace of achievement.
Brian Tracy

26.     Set your small goals for at least 4 to 6 months time period. Setting Goals shall make you feel serious about your progress and development, it shall realize you to move further from where you are already standing. Small goals for small time period shall encourage you, when your small goals will be achieved the more energy and spirit will ooze out of your emotions and it will make you ready for big goals.

27.     Plan your next day on a piece of paper before you sleep, it helps you to manage the things you forget in your daily hustle and bustle routine life. Keeping things written always assists you clearing your tasks/jobs rather than remorsing on undone.

28.     Motivation is the cardinal source to upkeep your moral of working and approaching towards your goals at par excellence. Try to know what motivates you music, reading, meeting friends, exercise, watching movie, etc, and then apply them on yourself. It really works. This is best way to motivate yourself first from within yourself.

29.     Read everyday at least 2 paragraphs of  any newspaper, newsletter, magazine, good book, report or right-up. Reading increases your knowledge, jargon and updates you with the rest of world. Books are the best friends. They give you more than they take from you (just price).

30. Do something extraordinary every year and it will set the benchmark for others. Writing books, doing workshops, seminars, free classes or other honorary services for the people who are needy for. Doing these you are not only increasing your knowledge, personal relationship and  reputation but also making a place in the hearts of the people.

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    Dear Ashok,

    Your writing has always remained a great motivational factor for enthusiast readers. Students interested in personality development will adore your above submissions.

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  • dr nitin vinzodaJune 29, 2011 at 3:29 pm

    Good informative post,
    Problems come in all shapes and sizes,and the only thing you can be absolutely certain about is that you will have some,
    The main trick in dealing with obstacles is to adopt right attitude; They provide invaluable opportunities for learning.
    from nitin…

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    dharamachar munke anji grup me join thinu aye .

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