Mandavgarh is situated at a distance of about 157 km from Ujjain(holy City) and 100 km. from Indore city of Madhya Pradesh. Nowadays popularly known as Mandu, at an elevation of 633 metres (2079 feet) above the sea level. and extends for 13 km (8 miles) along the crest of the Vindhyachal Range, overlooking the plateau of Malwa to the north and the valley of the Narmada River to the south. It was originally founded between 8 to 10th century by the Parmar rulers who made it their fort capital. In the 13th century the Parmara capital was transferred from Dhar to Mandu. In 1305 A.D. however, the Parmara dominance over Mandu ended when the Allauddin Khiljis conquered it. After the eclipse of the Muslim dominance at the hands of the Mughals, the Afghan governor of Malwa, Dilawar Khan Ghauri, set up Mandu as an independent kingdom. He renamed Mandu, Shadiabad (City of Joy). Mandavgarh > shadiabad > Mandu. At present known as Mandu – Mandavgarh. Govern by Archaeology Survey department of India and one of famous tourist place in central India.

We can see “Mandavgarh” and Ujjain name in our Lord mamaidev’s vedas of fore-casting, where Lord kalki(Mururaja) will take birth to destroy sinful elements and re-establishment of the HolyEra(Satyuga) on the Earth. Nostradamus also fore-casted as above but not specified with time and place, while Lord Mamaidev have fixed up fore-cast with time, area, place. View more fore-casts.

વેદ –
માતા સોમલખી સોરંગ બાપ ઉજેણીમેં અવતરસે કાન,
સ્વામી કરીધો આડ તે સમધરા મુળુ માંડવાગઢ જો રા.
પંચોરથ જુગ જા ભર ભારત ભરે માતંગજા વચન આડ તે સવાયા ફરે,
માંડવગઢમેં થીધો મુરુજો અવતાર.

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