Lord Lunang Dev was the eldest son of Lord Matangdev. His mother’s name is ‘Lakhnai Devi’. Lord Lunangdev was immediate successor of Lord Matangdev to the religious throne of Barmati Panth. He continued the legacy of spiritual and moral values of Barmati Panth with utmost sanctitude. Mamai Dev sermonizes Lord Lunangdev as the foremost deity of Maheshwari Meghwars.

Lunangdev strived hard to unite people from all walks of life. He played a great role in uniting Sama and Sumra clans of Sindh region. He attains very high place in the hearts of Maheshwari Meghwal community. After he left for heavenly abode, his body is buried at “Tharai” (Sindh-Pakistan). Temple of Lord Ludangdev is built at Luni (Mundra-Kutch) and in his fond memory every year pilgrimage is performed at Luni Temple on Chaitra Chaturthi.

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    Hame khushi he ki meghwal samaj ko aage bada ne ke liye aap logo ne online jankari Uplabdha kara rakhi he.


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    jay lunag dev

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