“Chandrua Dham”
The Holy place of Lord Dhani Matangdev.
Chandrua Dham, The holy place of lord Matangdev situated on the “Chandrua” Hill between Lakhond and Kalitalavdi village in Bhuj Taluka(Kutch dist), India. It is far from Bhuj about 20 km. Our Lord Shree Matangdev was stay there for veneration and constantly had meditate 12 year. Lord Matangdev was also regularly bathe in Pur River nearby Chandrua hill. Chandrua Dham is very important holy place yet today because whenever any group pilgrimage to be held by Maheshwari followers from Kutch so they come first at Chandrua Dham and thereafter go to other holy places. During 26 Jan. 2001 Earthquake, There was also damaged too much to temple but nowadays that temple has been demolished and on that place the new temple’s work is in progress by our donors.
Chief Donors:
Mr. V.K. Maheshwari (Dy. Engg.) – Adipur – Gandhidham.

Mr. Ramjibhai Dheda (Avenue Group) – Mundra Kutch.

વેદ :
હિન્દુ હલે હિગલાજ મુશલમાન કરીએ મક્કા હજ
માયશરીયા અંઇ ચડો ચંન્દ્રુએજી ધાર
આંકે મિલે જનમોજનમ મનુષ્ય અવતાર.

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