Report on conclusion of Mag-Sanan festival – 2009

At the outset, let us all congratulate all the Mag-Sananis (2009), who have demonstrated their utmost solidarity and devotion towards our religion. As per statistics received via email as on date, there were total 562+ mag-sananis from Kutch, Saurashtra and Karachi. These numbers are based on input received from persons accessing internet. We apprehend that some figures from remote areas have escaped this tally of 562. However, the same will be incorporated as soon as additional data is received from time to time. Nevertheless, this figure of 562 is not a small figure considering the strenuous exertion to be endured by the disciples for the whole month. Apart from this, this figure also depicts true passion for religious observance of mag-sanan.

We the team wholeheartedly commends the efforts of these mag-sananis as true love for our revered Gurus and respect to our Barmati Panth. Needless to say, venerated Mamaidev has rated this one month spiritual period as a magnanimous opportunity to attain salvation. We all know that in his religious discourses, Mamaidev has assured guaranteed returns of spiritual reward for observing mag-sanan. We, on behalf of all our community brethrens, pray Alakhdev to give strength to all the followers of Barmati Panth, so that more number of persons, especially youths, can join this caravan of Mag-sanan in the years to come ahead. We are hopeful that day-by-day our congregation shall proliferate, so that teachings of our revered Gurus are practiced and professed by all Maheshwaris with complete faith and wisdom. We take this opportunity to thank all the Mag-sananis for demonstrating courage and readiness for our religion, which is based on truth, equality and emphasizing special attention for downtrodden people.

During this observance of Mag-Sanan, considerable numbers of preaching programs were held at various places. The layman disciples were gathering in great numbers to listen the sacred discourses of Mamaidev. There appears a general feeling of intense desire amongst common man to listen the sermons of Mamaidev with great enthusiasm. It is necessary for all of us that we should not restrict ourselves to remain spiritual only during this one month period but all efforts should be taken to uphold this intensity of religious longing for prolonged period. Facts and figures from big cities like Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Rajkot, etc. are very discouraging. We are very sorry to say that not a single person has kept mag-sanan in Mumbai and position of other such major cities is alike. Therefore, it is need of the hour that youths must come forward and shoulder the responsibility of religious observance.

On the conclusion of 30th day of Mag-sanan, huge Rallies (Samaiya) were organized on 12.02.2009 at different places in Kutch/Saurashtra region. Our team have visited Rally at Gandhidham and noticed that Gandhidham stood foremost in all respects i.e. in respect of number of mag-sananis (71) and conducting huge Rally comprising more than 50 thousand people. At all the prominent places, Samaiyas were followed by Genan (Sermons) by Matang-Gurus in the evening and on the following day ceremonial Barmati Panth pooja were conducted to conclude the Mag-Sanan observance.

In addition to above, we, the team, intends to unite youths of maheshwari community. Our effort is to do something extraordinary for the betterment and welfare of our community in the educational, religious and social field. We would also like to impress upon that our effort is to restore the sanctity of our religion – its precepts, discourses & practices in true sense. It is believed that Mamaidev has categorically restricted for publishing our religious discourses outside our community. Recently, we have come across one website wherein religious discourses of other religion have been posted on internet under the title ‘Ginan’. This Ginan is precisely similar to our Genan of Mamaidev. As such, it is our moral duty to ensure that our Genan is not hijacked by other outside people.

Our team, therefore, urge all our community brethrens, matang-gurus to restrain from publishing our Genan on internet as far as possible. Only historical facts and events should be depicted for professing our religion.

At the conclusion, we once again thank all our Mag-sananis, Mukhis, Har-maisar, Sevadharis and all maheshwari brothers for taking sincere efforts during the Mag-Sanan (2009) and making this ceremonial event a Grand Success!!

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  • B K MaheshwariMarch 10, 2009 at 10:33 am

    very good collection of work

    few lines for this good work

    ” Future is not what we planned for tomorrow. It is the result of what we do today. so do the best in the present for our brighter furure!!!

    thanking you and wishign u very best of luck to continou the above work of team builing

    with regards
    B K Maheshwari
    Suptd Account
    PGVCL, Anjar

  • Mohan Devraj ThontyaJune 10, 2009 at 5:30 am

    Dear Mr Khimdhua, Navin Bhoya & many others

    It has been my great pleasure to see your success in developing such an interesting and informative website on our Barmati Panth. Surely, it provides the knowledge a common Maheshvari Meghwar has to know. Since we all know yet a very little has been done in regard of our Barmati Panth history, culture, Mamai Dev’s sacred Ginans etc at the academic level. In pursuit of the objective, I have submitted PhD thesis entitled History and Culture of Meghwar:From the earliest times to the modern age, at the University of Karachi in this year. You may find a copy of the same as soon as the University approves the research thesis formally. In fact, there is a lot of work to be done in direction. My joy find no bounds to know that our people have recently shown tremendous interest in learning and promoting the knowledge of the Barmati Panth Giyan. The articles, blogmessages and the pictures of different occassions in Kutchh posted on the internet are all very fabulous and excellent.

    I pray to Shree Dhani Matang Dev for your success in your sacred cause and to make us all beneficial for all humanity!

    Best wishes.

    Mohan Devraj Thontya.

  • KISHOR S MATANGJuly 5, 2009 at 10:31 am




    GANDHIDHAM: 9727928466

  • Shyam AmnaJuly 12, 2009 at 3:32 am

    i dont have word how two appreciated you&all your team dear.but that for sure your activity may be encourage us and other Maheshwari lik me dear.

    please dont break that chain & keep continue for this work.our all bleshing with you& your know what important that kind of work..

    best & regards
    Shyam Amna (Executive)
    Shri Quanterm Shipping Inc
    Plot no 143,Lunang Nagar.

  • Ramesh MaheshwariSeptember 10, 2009 at 5:32 am


    Very Good Progress .. is a religious web-site which is doing good progress..

    I thank all the team members for ur contribution in making a website.
    Best of Luck & Keep doing progress for our community…

    With Best Regards,
    Ramesh Maheshwari
    FY B.COM

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