Ganesh Namo Sat-Gur Ji Saan

| A night when stars came down to the earth to celebrate |

Shri Dhani Matang Dev

‘Janam Utsav 2012’

Brief Report by Team MGSRC

On the occasion of Shri Dhani Matang Dev Janam Utsav 2012 at Cutchi Maheshwari Meghwar Panchayat (CMMP) Hall, Karachi, Maheshwari Ginan Study and Research Center (MGSRC) presented different segments of stage performances. For Ginan preaching and learning activities, MGSRC is using STAGE as an strong medium of religious transform and social integrity of the deprived segments of the Maheshwari society.

After the highly acclaimed and appreciated celebration programs of Shri Dhani Matang Dev Janam Utsav in February, 2010 & 2011, MGSRC came back with the Hatrick to present and celebrate the Dhani Matang Dev Janam Utsav on 10th February, 2012. It was organized as a religious and cultural festival with the help of fistful donations of Maheshwari community. Also the program was supported by Maheshwari Education Committee with one of its sub-committees Maheshwari Elite Scout (MES).

In this shining and colorful event more than 40 artists from different age groups and gender participated and performed in the following categories: Ginan Speech, Naad, Translations, Stage Performances, Stage Play, Stage Managing, Props, Makeup, Costume Designing, Sound / Music Operating and Anchoring.

Celebrations started with the opening segment of Ganesh Saamiya, leaded by Shri Mohan Lalan. Then the program officially announced to be started by the Chairman of Education Committee, Mr. Ashok Kumar Seejuwani. After his aimfull address, he called upon Mr. Jeevan Laxman Kanner, the young and leading Ginan Preacher of MGSRC to pull the curtains of celebration up.

By congratulating to the audience for the Birthday of Shri Dhani Matang Dev, Mr. Jeevan Kanner addressed that “Lot of efforts is needed for raising awareness regarding religious education among people of Maheshwari Community. Maheshwaris should understand the sanctity of Barmati Panth and they should make their belief and faith strong only on Shri Dhani Matang Dev as the 10th Avatar, described by Shri Mamai Dev in His holy Vedas.”

After that address, all the segments were started with the shining flare of light and the vibrating wave of sound. It got track with the “Ganesh Jo Noron” the Ginan presentation of children from Maaripur. Children paid their keen interest by presenting the Vedas with translations. After then, Shri Mohan Lalan devotionally sung the “Ganesh Dev Jo Naman” with love.

Then “Alakh Mahima” was presented by Mr. Jeevan Kanner with his unique style of Ginan Kanthan. In addition to that the sound entry of “Manchaa Devi” was a turning point of the Ginan Presentation. It was the same event which occurred thousands of years ago when Alakh Dev thought to come His Visionary Brahmaand to the life and He created Manchaa Devi (The Aad Shakti). Audience clapped, clapped and clapped while their eyes were watching only Manchaa Devi at Stage. The role of Manchaa Devi was played by young sister from MEI. Getup & Makeover was done by Rohit Bhagwant & Rohit Bhagra with the help of Manisha Danicha. After describing the Manchaa Devi (The Aad Shakti), Mr. Jeevan Kanner redirect the presentation and then the entry of Soyam Bhu “Mayisar – Shiv” enthralled and gripped the attention of everybeing sitted in Hall. Lots of mobile camera flashes then began to capture the moment when Shiv Shakti were there, first time on the Stage of CMMP Hall. Mr. Jeevan Kanner then explained the appearance of Soyam Bhu with the Ginan of Shri Mamai Dev. He furtherly described the Jagat Uthpathi (Big Bang) according to the Ginan. After hearing the beautiful verses and translations, audience noticed the Holy Conversation between Shiv & Manchaa Devi. Conversation was the same Ginan as uttered by Shri Mamai Dev in shape of “Tarkaari Jaap”. It was a great opportunity for everyone to observe the Questionaire by Manchaa Devi and Answers by Shiv the Mayisar. At the end of that Presentation, audience specially ladies gave the big round of applause.

Audience then entertained through the hit musical presentation of Avatars “Shri Ram” & “Shri Krishna” and educated with the presentation of Naad, Vedas and Translations. These were highly acclaimed appearances from Dashavatars by the audience as the unique way of entertainment and Ginan education. With the musical and mesmerized entries, they performed in a full costume and makeup of Avatars. Not only children but men and women were also enthralled by the Avatar’s performance, music and makeup and gave the huge round of applause.

Understanding that the theater is strong tool and medium for sensitizing peoples through characterization and dialogue, MGSRC presented the hit satirical and religious play “Mamai Bhanre Maisriya” on the domestic and social issues of Maheshwari Community in the light of Shri Mamai Dev Vedas, in our own Kutchi language.

In the play “Mamai Bhanre Maisriya”, characters illustrated the attitude of modern Maheshwari family towards each other and its connection with the religion through the interesting everyday situations. In this presentation it was also shown that the youth of Maheshwari family face constraints in learning Ginan and prayers. Due to the lack of parental supervision and guidance of Dharam-gurus the contemporary scenario of our youth is a stigma on the face of our community.

In that revolutionary play, it was also illustrated that how our Panth is being treated inside and outside of our homes. Theater performers gave the reasons of everyday problems and showed the path of Shri Mamai Dev to get solutions through splendid dialogue delivery and impressive characterization. The role of parents and dharma-gurus also highlighted as they are not taking satisfactory actions to preach our new-generation. The play was highly appreciated by the audience through smash clapping after every dialogue, especially from the ladies portion. Peoples from different areas of Karachi, Memon Goth and Muaripur appreciated the play and considered it as a Big Change in community.

The theater play “Mamai Bhanre Maisriya” by MGSRC has been highly cherished and played a key role in creating an environment of understanding and applying the rules and regulations of the Barmati Panth in everyday life.

Children from audience then asked to present any Dhaam of Ginan in praise of Lord Ganesh. As lefting an impact on audience, five children came and present the Lord Ganesh Dhaam from Ginan and got gifts of “100 Questions Book” with the great applause.

The function and aim of MGSRC was then explained to the audience by Mr. Kishore Asmal Amna. In terms of giving an summarized Report on MGSRC, he addressed that the time has now came to evoke the holy words of Shri Mamai Dev in the young brains. He further attentioned the parents to play their key role to provide religious education to their children. “The solution of our everyday problems are hidden in the Vedas of Shri Mamai Dev. The only thing we need to do is to Decode the Words of Shri Mamai Dev and understand the phillosophy of Dharam. Also, having  contact with Indian Maheshwari Community should be our first priority. By which, we can also share our problems and can get guidance by Peer Auwa of the time.” he added further.

The staging of Simbriyas, the ancient Rikhesars / Maheshwaris before Shri Dhani Matang Dev, was also the remarkable act, performed on the music with the blend of explanatory commentary by Mr. Jeevan Kanner. Actors played the role of Simbriyas, also delivered the pain and passion of being downcast and disheartened through brilliant dialogue deliveries. Then after, Mata Lakhrayin Devi, the wife of Shri Dhani Matang Dev played a key role with delivering the Vedas in Naad and translations to the Simbriyas.

The entry of 10th Avatar, “Shri Dhani Matang Dev” was the peak performance of that presentation. No actor was there to present Shri Dhani Matang Dev’s personality but the blend of Music, Lights and Backdrop, forced audience to stand up and imagine the presence of Shri Dhani Matang Dev in front of them. The speech of Shri Dhani Matang Dev addressed to Simbriya, extracted from the Vedas of Shri Mamai Dev, left  remarkable expressions at the hearts of people.

At last, Nar-Vadh Yagan, presented to the audience second time in the history of Maheshwaris, as first performance was presented at the last program at Swami Narayan Temple, Karachi. Nar-Vadh Yagan was the first religious event of Maheshwaris performed by Shri Dhani Matang Dev Himself 1000 years ago. Summary of the “Human-Killing Offering” event is that: Shri Dhani Matang Dev invited all the peoples to the Mount Karumbha and delievered them the True Knowledge of Barmati. He asked them for a “offering of a man” to prove their faith and devotion towards Him. Ghaabra Vaada then surrendered his holy life to Shri Dhani Matang Dev to prove his devotion. At that moment, (6-Kori) people refused to admit and do not accept Shri Dhani Matang Dev’s Barmati Panth by not having the Thaat made of Ghabra Vada’s flesh. They scared and threw that Thaat but some people (3-Kori) accepted that Thaat and showed their devotion towards Shri Dhani Matang Dev. They admitted that Shri Dhani Matang Dev is the 10th Avatar and is an incarnation of “Lord Vishnu”. After that, miracle began, Shri Dhani Matang Dev called Ghaabra Vaada and he came alive with the enlightened and glowing face. It was the unique event happening in the universe at that time. No one in the Brahmaand was known of the purpose of that event except Lord Dhani Matang. Even Devtaas and Devis were also amazed and wanted to know the game, Shri Dhani Matang Dev was playing. Devi and Devta came down to the earth and asked Shri Dhani Matang Dev to explain this unseen and unknown event. In His answer, Shri Dhani Matang Dev explained that and claimed Himself the 10th Incarnation of Lord Vishnu, through the speech. He further explained the reasons of His incarnation and gave the new religion to the world called Barmati Panth. 6-Kori peoples, who refused His offering, were realized then that what they have left. That whole event is known as Nar-Vadh Yagan (The Human-Killing Offering) and the followers of Shri Dhani Matang Dev have been given the name of Maheshwaris.

Recreating and presenting that event as a Ginan presentation on stage after 1000 years, was not an easy job but strong script, well-delivered dialogues, astonishing music, outstanding makeover and dramatic performances made that play cum presentation a classic and epic. It affected and raised the passion of sacrifice and devotion among the audience. Huge clapping of audience also proved that well-fabricated Nar-Vadh Yagan presentation was the heart-taking performance of that shining night.

Maheshwari Elite Scout (MES) including young girls and boys, also performed a stunning duty by providing the ushering services among audience. They guided peoples in the Hall and ushered them for any inconvenience. From a bird-eye-view, they were prominent among the peoples in their full Scouts uniform. It is also a valuable outlook that educated youngsters are coming in front to give their services as National Scouts.

Shri Dhani Matang Janam Utsav united the Maheshwaris of different areas through celebration program and developed senses of peoples over on the issues of religious beliefs. It is also a unique platform to aware the Maheshwari community the vulnerability of the different socio-economic and religious issues.

On this occasion, first time the TEAM MGSRC was divided into two groups to be at Sehnri Dhaam and CMMP Hall at the same time. MGSRC’s heads Sir Laxman Dhera and Sir Laxman Bachra was there at pilgrimage at Sehnri Dhaam. Shri Dhani Matang Dev Janam Jyanti was also celebrated there with full devotion and faith. It was organized by Dhani Matang Sewa Sangh Sameti. The full night program of Ginan Parchaar was held there and lots of people got nourishment of Ginan in chilled weather. Naad by Mr. Parkash Fufal, the brilliant Naadi of MGSRC, won the hearts of people at Sehnri Dhaam. Also, the Ginan Quiz round was held to gift the Suprises Presents by MGSRC. Questions were asked from the “100 Questions Book” and children and people participated in that Ginan Quiz with enthusiasim and keen interest. Peoples appreciated such kind of activities of promoting Ginan of Shri Mamai Dev to the youth. Ginan Parchaar was then also continued by Dharam Gurus till Prabhaat. First time in history, pilgrims observed the peaceful and fruitful Dhani Matang Dev Janam Jyanti at Sehnri Dhaam.

MGSRC is now changing this vulnerable illiteracy of Ginan studies through its unique tactics of preaching and promoting Ginan activities via door-to-door services.

MGSRC has also managed to establish itself as the unique TEAM of Ginan preaching with innovative ideas since after a long run. Also it’s now progressing as a Ginan Preaching Center with its unique theater group, precise Ginan Studies and acclaimed Research Works.

Shri Dhani Matang Dev may give strength and encouragement to the Maheshwari nation to celebrate that Janam Utsav every year with the same keenness and enthusiasm.

Jai Dhani Matang!!

Written by


Kishore Asmal Amna

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  • Navin K. BhoiyaFebruary 20, 2012 at 5:38 am

    Very nice program organized by MGSRC TEAM (MAHESHWARI GINAN STUDY AND RESEARCH STUDY) at Seni Thar. This event was a real homage to our beloved father – Lord Dhani Matang Dev on his 1259th Birth Anniversary.

    On behalf of ALL INDIA MAHESHWARI YOUTH FEDERATION, I extend my best wishes to the entire team of MGSRC.

    Jay Dhani Matang

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